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Patient FAQ’s

JoannaAlbert_Headshot_12__2_Dr. Joanna Daly Answers Your Eyecare Questions

Q: Do you take walk-ins?

A: Yes! While we do prefer to schedule you ahead of time, if we have an available appointment, we would be more than happy to see you as a walk-in.

Q: Can I fill out my paperwork beforehand?

A: Absolutely! We can either e-mail you the form for you to print out, fill out, and bring with you to your appointment, or you can come to our office to pick up the paperwork prior to your appointment. This is especially helpful if you have a long medication list or need a translator for the information.

Q: Are you open on Saturdays?

A: We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:30, except Wednesdays we are open 10:00-7:00. We are not open on Saturdays.

Q: Do you take emergency visits?

A: Yes. If you got something in your eye, have redness or feel pain, please call our office and we will get you in that same day, even if we are booked with patients all day.

Q: How far out are you booked?

A: It depends on the week. Sometimes we are fully booked for a week, but we do occasionally get cancellations so we can get you in within a day or two.

Q: What are the legal vision requirements for driving in Colorado?

A: The basic requirement is to have at least 20/40 vision in one or both eyes.

Q: Which contact lens solutions do you recommend?

A: We recommend Opti-Free Multipurpose Solution and Clear Care. If your eyes are sensitive to either of these solutions, find a brand that works best for you. We do not recommend using a generic solution because its formula changes from year to year, but a specific brand stays the same.

Q: Can I get bifocal contact lenses?

A: Yes! There are several brands of multifocal contact lenses. Our favorite is the Air Optix Multifocals, but we will fit you in the best lenses for your lifestyle, eye chemistry, sensitivity, vision, and prescription. The success rate for multifocal contact lenses varies between 70-85%, so I’d say they’re worth a shot if you’re tired of using over the counter readers over your contacts when you want to read!

Q: Can I get bifocal contact lenses?

A: I think the better question is “should I?” We do not recommend that you shower, swim, or sleep in your contact lenses. Tap water, a lake, the ocean, hot springs, and chlorinated pools have massive amounts of bacteria. The space between your contacts and your eyes act as a little reservoir for the bacteria to grow in, which can lead to eye infections, corneal erosion, and vision loss. Please do not test your luck; remove your contact lenses while swimming, showering, and swimming. If you absolutely MUST do these activities with your contacts in, Daily Disposable contact lenses can be worn and immediately thrown away after the activity, but even then, you are putting your eyes and vision at risk.

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